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bleu, rouge, et blanc | 2012 12 23 → 2013 01 03

off to the states for ten days! just finished packing (after like an entire week...) and will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. sightseeing around the west coast (+ vegas and grand canyon), how exciting! i'm jumping back in time and probably off the radar so see y'all after the new year. (i'll be in la on the 31st so sydney's gonna get to 2013 nineteen hours earlier than i will hmm) have yourselves very happy holidays and hope the new year exceeds your expectations in the best possible ways ♥♥
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forgoing sleep for late night rage-blogging (i.e. normal life 2010 onwards). no wonder i'm failing uni. but i don't think i can go to sleep until i vent this out, so here goes:

so i’ve been avoiding the olympic games (even without all the uni work bogging me down i don’t think i would’ve followed it as avidly as i did during the beijing games) and i guess it’s a good thing because all the outraging things that are happening is like rubbing salt in my not-sure-if-healing wound.

fuck the tasteless, passive-aggressive, ungracious and unprofessional commentaries.

fuck who ever the fuck piers morgan is. you can go shove your “musical back catalogue” right up your laughably ignorant racist ass.

fuck everyone who let what happened to shim a lam happen (everything from the unfair ruling to making her compete for bronze immediately after that ordeal to people accusing her of being ungrateful or w/e when she was ordered by the judges to remain on that piste for more than 75 fucking minutes so they could make their bullshit decision)

fuck the hypocrites who doubted ye shiwen.

fuck the writer who described her outstanding performance as an “anomaly” rather than an “achievement”, which would’ve been the word used had she been white and/or a man.

(while we’re on the topic, fuck everyone ever who thinks language isn’t a subtle but powerful weapon that people use to oppress and degrade others)

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Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

Watched this on SBS last night (oh man I miss how Friday/Saturday nights were occasionally my foreign film night) and it was such such such a beautiful movie. The cinematography was fucking breathtaking (think vibrant colours like House of Flying Daggers) and the storyline was (a little vanilla but) really cute. ;~; Also Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan are both so attractive omg /o/ such a gorgeous couple. Now time to find a link to the soundtrack...
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14th-May-2012 10:46 pm(no subject)
dear self:

you're already halfway through your degree so you can't give up now.

four days until this hurdle is over.
seven days until the next one.
fourteen days until the one after that.
twenty-six days until you prove that you didn't completely waste this semester.
thirty-seven days until a full month of break is rewarded.

do you want to spend your mid-year break being miserable over the fact that you fucked up your assessments because you couldn't toughen up for some hard work and guts???

then stop fucking wasting your time.
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31st-Dec-2011 12:24 pm - Hard work and guts!!
Things I did in 2011 that I've never done before | chronologically:

♠ Signed up for an FB account
♠ Got called out for content mix-up
♠ Said goodbye to someone too young
♠ Went on a roadtrip (photoclub) on my birthday
♠ Became an ~adult~
♠ Involved myself in occidental 3D fandoms
♠ Had my bag stolen (and reacted with more maturity than I expected)
♠ Cut my hair pixie short (...well, it's the first time in 10 years so it counts)
♠ Attended a masquerade
♠ Figured out the estimated parameters of my alcohol tolerance
♠ Passed my first year of university
♠ Got publicly groped >:/
♠ Sat through my very first interview
♠ Traveled to New Zealand
♠ Touched glaciers (and drank from glacier ice)
♠ Went Shotover jet boating
♠ Walked the world's steepest street
♠ Fed alpacas
♠ Spent NYE with friends

Things I want to have done by the end of 2012

♣ Have at least 60 hours of driving done
♣ Have (had) a part-time job
♣ Gain more muscle definition, and get my BMI down to 22.0
♣ Reach the overall WAM I need
♣ Read at least 20 books
♣ Improve my linguistic skills (all five)
♣ Participate in more extracurricular activities
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